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Upper Limb Neural Tension Exercises

Bodysmart Health Centre’s philosophy is not only to treat peoples ailments, but to promote health and wellness. Our articles help patients to improve their knowledge on a range of different health matters, not only helping patients to recover from current injuries, but assisting in preventing others. If you would like a copy of our quarterly Newsletter which contains a range of interesting articles please subscribe

Bodysmart Stretch and Exercise Handouts

Foam Rolling

A foam roller is a tube shaped length of hard foam that allows you to use your own body weight to release tight and stiff muscles throughout the body. People who benefit from foam rolling include office workers, weekend warriors, recreational and professional athletes. Daily static postures, repetitive exercise and lifting weights create muscle imbalances and stiffness that can lead to pain or discomfort. Foam rolling is used as a quick method to improve mobility and reduce imbalances. Foam rolling is not recommended if pain is present unless prescribed by a qualified therapist. Bodysmart has 2 different lengths of foam rollers available, 30cm and 90cm. Foam rollers are available for purchase at both of our clinics in Perth CBD and available from our website 

Click on this link for a full copy of the foam roller exercise sheet

Trigger Balls / Spikey Balls and Bakballs

Bodysmart has trigger balls available at both of our clinics in Perth CBD and are often prescribed by our Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. Trigger balls can be very effective in loosening tight muscles and can be used for a range of injuries. The video and handouts featured below help patients to understand some self maintenance techniques which can help to reduce aches and pains.

Please download the handout for further information about how to use your trigger ball.  Trigger balls are available for purchase from both of our Perth CBD based clinics and from our online shop

Press Release

You have to check this out! As a tribute to all the mothers out there Will and Woody from 92.9 came in to Bodysmart Health Centre in Perth City to experience a birth simulation!

Bodysmart Health Articles

Cross Fit

If you’re involved in the fitness community even a little bit, chances are you’ve heard of CrossFit. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program, with the goal of improving fitness. It prides itself on constantly varied, high intensity, functional workouts that are broad, general, and inclusive to all.

Workouts involve weight lifting or weight training, sprinting or distance running and gymnastics. Workouts are typically short—20 minutes or less—and intense, demanding all-out physical exertion. This article looks at the pro’s and con’s of this new CrossFit Fitness FAD

Tight and sore, maybe you are deficient in Magnesium?

Do you suffer from any of the following: muscle cramps especially in the legs or feet, muscle twitches, headaches, general muscle tightness or aches, anxiety, restless legs, tingling, numbness, or depression. If so you must read this article!

If you are deficient in magnesium your body may not have the necessary minerals to actually relax your muscles. Increasing magnesium in the body is a great way to reduce muscle tightness and get the most out of your treatment.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel is a condition in which there is pressure on the median nerve – the nerve in the wrist that supplies feeling and movement to the ‘thumb’ side of the hand (the palm, thumb, index finger, middle finger, and thumb side of the ring finger). It can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness, or muscle damage in the hand and fingers. So what is the carpel tunnel and what can you do to reduce symptoms and reduce the chances of re-occurrence ? View full article

How much sugar are you consuming through drinks? 

Most people are aware of the high levels of sugar in foods such as sweet biscuits, lollies, sweet cereals and ice cream, however many people are oblivious to the extreme amount of sugar they are consuming each day through sugary drinks. For example did you know that a Liptons Ice Tea has 8 teaspoons of sugar in one serving?
So how much sugar is in soft drinks, energy drinks and juices? And are sugary drinks in your diet making you fat?  Read More

High Heel Risks 

Women often sacrifice comfort for fashion, skipping a meal to fit into that dress or risking hypothermia because no jacket goes with the outfit. It is a philosophy put best by French Impressionist painter Pierre Auguste-Renoir, who famously said that “the pain passes, but beauty remains”. When it comes to wearing high heels this quote couldn’t be more incorrect. The pain does not pass and can lead to long term damage. What are high heels doing to our bodies and how can we minimise the damage? Read More about the risks of high heel wear

SuperFoods for Summer

Superfoods have incredible health benefits, packing a powerful nutritional punch that helps protect against cancer and heart disease, lower cholesterol, protect the organs from toxins and improve digestive health. Some nutritionists even say superfoods can help you live longer. Once you start consuming superfoods on a regular basis, you will start noticing the difference in not just how you feel, but also how you look. Find out Bodysmart’s top 10 superfoods!

Beat Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain (LBP) is one of the most prevalent conditions we see in the Bodysmart Health Centres, and most people throughout their life will experience back pain in some way shape or form. So what are the steps you can take to help prevent or decrease the likelihood that you will suffer from lower back pain? Click here for further information


Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics the popularity of kinesiology tape has increased dramatically. The colourful tape that many athletes were seen wearing is known as ROCKTAPE, a premium kinesiology tape. Not only has there been a huge surge in its use, there has been increasing amounts of research into the properties of the tape.
ROCKTAPE can be used for many applications such as: treating injured muscles, improving biomechanical dysfunction, altering postural dysfunction, reducing oedema and inflammation and pain management. To find out more about ROCKTAPE read this article.

Want to know more about Chiropractic Care? 

This article discusses questions such as: Is Chiropractic Treatment Painful? Do you need to have Xrays? Can you see a Chiropractor is you have arthritis? What is the cracking sound? Click here to find out more.

Jacobs Ladder – Friend or Foe?

People of all ages and fitness levels have become addicted to stair climbing and its benefits, and it is even being discussed as being added as a new sport in coming Olympic games. So the big question this month is ‘is stair running for me’. What are the positive and negatives of stair climbing? Read More 

Facts About Fresh Juice

– If you don’t enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables, juicing may be a fun way to add fruits and vegetables you normally wouldn’t eat to your diet

– Juicing is not any healthier than eating whole fruits and vegetables- Fresh juice will have most of the vitamins and minerals found in the whole fruit and vegetable but does not have the same amount of healthy fibre

– When juicing, try to keep some of the pulp to increase fibre. This will also help to fill you up

– Try to drink the juice immediately after making it as saving freshly squeezed juice in the fridge can increase chances of developing harmful bacteria.

– Alternately freeze the juice. This is also a great way to cut down on the workload and allows you to buy your fresh fruit and vegetables in bulk  

– Note that juices from some fruits and vegetables can contain more sugar than you might realise, so be careful with what you are juicing if you are trying to lose weight


Fitballs as Office Chairs??? good or bad.. 

Written by Louise Murgtagh BSc.. (Physio), who is a Physiotherapist at Bodysmart’s St Georges Terrace Clinic and is one of Bodysmart’s Ergonomic Consultants. 

Fitballs, Swisse balls or exercise balls are becoming more and more common and are used by many people at the home and in the gym for various different types of exercise and fitness activities. Many of you may have seen people around your office or at home using a fitball while sitting and working at a desk. You may have wondered yourself, would this be good for me? As a general rule, the use of a fitball in place of an office chair is not good for the spine or the body and the reasons why will be discussed throughout this article.  Click on this link to read more…

Pregnancy – A Guide To Keeping Fit For Mums To Be

Pregnancy brings many changes to the body, some of which can cause discomfort or lessening of your optimum health.  Here is a guide for expectant mums to keep themselves in great shape and to lessen the impact of pregnancy on the body and promote quicker recovery after child-birth. These healthy practises include taking care of your posture and abdominal muscles, regular mild exercises including pelvic floor exercises and diet. Click on this link to read more…

Evoluent Mouse

Long hours of computer use can lead to overuse and repetitive strain injuries to the hand, wrist, forearm, shoulder and neck. The Evoluent is one of the most popular devices on the market to relieve and prevent RSI, forearm, wrist and shoulder pain. The Evoluent Mouse is an effective ergonomic aid that helps the user maintain a good upper body position whilst using the computer. Read More

  Shin Splints 

‘Shin Splints’ is the term given to the pain people experience within the lower leg when walking or running.  The most common area of pain is often on the medial border of the tibia bone, so on the inside of your lower leg.  If you experience symptoms in this area, it is important to seek diagnosis through a physiotherapist as if this is left to worsen, it can lead to serious pain and even stress fractures of the tibia. To find out more please read this article

  Headaches and Migraines

It has been found that the upper 3 joints of the cervical spine – C0/1, 1/2 and 2/3 (between the base of the skull and the first cervical vertebrae (C1), C1 and 2 and C2 and 3) have a direct input to the nerve pathways that send information to the part of the brain that controls head pain and headaches. 
Through treatment of the offending structures and segments, long lasting relief from headaches and migraines has been shown; including a large range and differing types of headaches such as menstrual migraine, tension type headaches and migraines with aura.

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